Justin D

Justin Denison

Favorite product we offer: Indian Sunset products because of the color differences in the rock. 

Favorite Rock N’ Roll Song: A Merle Haggard song “Only me and Crippled Soldiers”.  Also, anything by Chris LeDoux or Johnny Cash. 

Hobbies: Camping, fishing, hunting, riding the side by side and anything outdoors.  

Justin has lived in Colorado his whole life. He is currently studying Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University but has spent his last 28 years in the trucking and heavy equipment industry. During that time, he has garnered experience driving end dumps, belly dumps, tandems and lowboys and running equipment such as loaders, dozers, and blades.  A large portion of his career was in the heavy haul industry pulling oversize and overweight equipment with up to 13 axle configurations.